New Album - Time Passed (catalogue #PMPLP012)

Published 27/08/13

Perrysongs is delghted to announce a “new” release.
The album, “Time Passed” was originally recorded in 1981 for Andrew Marlow’s Moontrack label. It is credited to The Dragons Of Eden – a studio band with a core of Bill Perry and Andrew Marlow.
Thanks to the kind generosity of Andrew Marlow this album is now available as a Perrysongs album.
It features seven songs and one instrumental, all written by Bill Perry.
Check it out in the “shop” page of this website today!

New Albums

Published 01/08/13

Perrysongs is proud to announce the release of not one,but two brand new albums by Bill Perry.

“Corporation Pop” (catalogue # PMPLP010) is a collection of ten newly recorded songs, in the usual eclectic range of styles. Unusually, this album features eight co writes – seven with Gary Steaggles and one with Bill Hayward.
The Steaggles / Perry collaborations were in fact written some thirty plus years ago!
The issue faced was whether to approach these songs as “new” or to arrange them in the styles in which they were originally conceived. The listener (as always) will decide if the resulting recordings sound like a product of thier time or not.
As always, I set about recording any song/instrumental in the hope and belief that the result will be timeless. I favour sounds that I feel are not bound to fashion – Rhodes piano, clean snares, classic guitars etc — not only because I really like them, but also because I feel they have stood the test of time and will not “age” quickly.
Nothing becomes obsolete quicker than today’s fashion.
The Bill Haywood/Bill Perry co write, “Esplanade”, is a recently written piece which features a highly melodic guitar theme and strong chord progression.
The two remaining songs are Bill Perry compositions.

“I Should Cocoa” (catalogue# PMPLP011) is an all instrumental album of mostly guitar based music. Styles range from straight-ahead jazz to uptempo blues and highly melodic theme- based music.
All but one of the tunes are Bill Perry compositions, the other being a co-write with Dale Evenson (‘Jocelyn”).
As is now customary on BP albums, all instruments are played by myself (Perry), except drums,which I have programmed.
The exceptions to this rule are the wonderful guest appearances of Joe Giglio (guitar) and Andrew Marlow (Rhodes) on two of the tunes.
I am delighted to be once again working with two very fine musicians,and very fine people.
This album is also available from itunes and other download stores, with “Corporation Pop” set to follow suit shortly.

Please visit the shop and take a listen to these two new offerings – I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

Published 22/02/12